Schwinn Prelude Bicycle Review 2017

If you are tired of driving to work and constantly getting caught in traffic snarl-ups each day, you might want to consider riding to work. Cycling is also an ideal way for tourists to tour around a new place. For that reason, when looking for the right bike to achieve all this, you might come across the Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle.



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You are probably wondering whether it suits your needs. To guide you in establishing this, let’s take a look at the features in this bike and how they contribute to the rider’s experience:

Aluminum drop bar frame and Schwinn road fork

Since the bike is built for commuting on pavements, every feature in it works towards this. The aluminum drop bar frame plays a crucial role in this. This is because the fact that it is made of aluminum means that it is relatively light. The drop bar also affords the rider many benefits when riding.

For one, it enables the rider to have a forward-leaning position which is instrumental in reaching high speeds quickly. In addition to that, the drop bars ensure that there are multiple hand positions available for the rider. This ensures that the rider is comfortable, especially for long journeys.

14 speed Shimano Drivetrain inclusive of A050 Road Shifters

When riding around town or climbing slopes, you want a broad range of speed options, and this bike offers many. With a 14-speed Shimano drivetrain, you have a plethora of speed options. Whether you want to get to your destination fast without much cycling or you want to climb a slope with the least effort, the 14 speed Shimano Drivetrain assures you of all this.

In addition to the drivetrain, the bike has A050 Road Shifters which are great in that they shift smoothly and are thus convenient to your riding experience due to fast gear changes.

700c Alloy Wheels

As mentioned earlier, the bike is specially modeled for the commuter who mostly rides on pavements. To make the experience safe, the bike has 700c alloy wheels on it.

The fact that the wheels are usually larger in diameter means that they roll easily, in comparison to tires with smaller diameters. In addition to that, 700c alloy wheels are readily available in many outlets, and this means that if you are on the look for spares, you can find them easily.

Dual Pivot Road Brakes

When it comes to bicycle brakes, one may be lost for choice, considering that each is unique in its own way. However, the dual pivot road brakes on this bike ensure that the bike has a higher mechanical advantage, and this translates to better braking.

Other features include a padded saddle which provides the rider is comfortable when riding. Padded saddle is available with Schwinn Prelude through which the user is able to have an excellent grip while moving fast.

This bike is fit for routine use, and it is also good to be used in sports and racing. You can use this bike in racing and move faster as compared with simple bikes. You can use this bike in everyday life and have a good source of exercise.

The seat of this bike is comfortable, and the user is able to remain seated and continue moving forward with this bike. This bike is light in weight, and it is suitable for all types of users. You can also give this bike as a gift to your kid who will love it and use it for learning and also have fun.

Many professionals are using Schwinn Prelude to have better performance in racing. This bike is suitable for all types of races and it can increase the chances of winning.

The bike is ideal for commuters but may not be ideal for long distance travelers due to the 700c alloy wheels.

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