Best Mountain Bike for the Money 2012

Those who are mad about bikes must be curious to know about all the latest models coming up. Each year comes up with new models of bikes, fascinating those who are interested. The year 2012 is also going to come upon with new models, leading to high competitions between various producers.


If you are also a bike lover, then this article is probably the right one for you as it will discuss the best mountain bike for the money 2012. Although there are many mountain bikes in the list, but one thing that is common in the mountain bikes of 2012 is that majority will be the carbon fiber bikes. These mountain bikes will be either the hard tail ones or the full suspension ones. Their wheels are also expected to be 16 to 19 inches.This is Vetex 970 RSL, in our opinion it is the best mountain bike for the money 2012


Among the best bikes of 2012, there is the rocky mountain 29 inches Vertex 970 RSL. This new mountain bike that is going to come in the year 2012 is known to give a stylish look.

If you had this question in mind as to what is the best mountain bike for money, for the year 2012, then this bike may be the best mountain bike for you.


The frame of this mountain bike is very impressive, as the engineers have used a tapered tube to make the front end stiff. The rear end is known to be stiffened by the rear hub that is of 142 mm. apart from their impressive frame design; the other thing that is worth appreciation is the geometry of this upcoming mountain bike.

There had been this thinking that the bikes with 29 inches wheels were known to be tight for steering in trails that were not straight. Now this thing is known to be that of the past.


  • This mountain bike is no way going to be tight for steering twisty paths, and that is one reason why it is the best mountain bike for money 2012. In the past, it was supposed that handling a big wheeled bike was difficult, but again all these beliefs have been erased by the design and ease of use of this mountain bike. It is also more stable, than what had been expected in the mountain bikes of the past.Vertex Mountain Bike our chois 2012


Once you get on the track, you keep on moving smoothly. The pressure is all concentrated on the rear part, and you seem to be moving along smoothly, without having to exert a lot of pressure, steering it on rough paths. The mountain bike for money 2012 is no doubt the 970 that is the best full suspension mountain bike for the money.


It is a lightweight mountain bike that is easy to handle and also has a clear chain line. No bike of the past would have been as light and smooth as this is. Just as said before that it is the best mountain bike, it comes with a price that is much reasonable as compared to the features and ease it comes with.

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