Road Bike Wheelsets

Bicycling was, and is considered as a good sport, and a good way of exercising, and keeping one self active. However, nowadays, it is more of a trend. With more and more people opting for various bikes, the competiton between manufacturers has also increased. There are the road bikes, mountain bikes etc along with further sub categories for each category.


If you are interested in knowing about the road bikes, one important thing that should be known is that how good a road bike is, depends on its wheelsets.


The road bike wheelsets are basically of three types. These are the tubular wheels, the clincher wheelsets and the aerodynamic wheelsets.

Road Bike Wheelsets

The clincher wheels are known to be specific for the purpose of leisure riding. Thus, since the bike will have to move though various types of terrains, including rocky as well smooth, these types of road bike wheelsets are especially made with high resistance. They require less maintenance and are durable as well. This is why they are especially used for rough purposes and come in use almost daily, so they are manufactured in such a way to withstand the various types of terrains.


The other type is the tubular wheelset. These are more expensive than the clincher wheels. The tubes are attached to the rim, surrounded by the wheels. The tubular road bike wheelsets are designed in such a way that they are light in weight.


This is why they are usually used for racing, and many professional cyclists use these wheelsets. They are especially made to be light weight  for easy handling by the racers. Since they are Road Bike Wheelsets designed especially for races, they are not as durable as the clincher wheels, and need enough maintenance.


  • The aerodynamics wheelsets are used for extra ordinary racing purposes. Just as their name suggests, these are the most special wheelsets that are the most expensive of all the three types. They are used for triathalons and for other races.


Again, these road bike wheelsets also need to be maintained in order to ensure a longer life for them. These wheel sets are designed in such a way to allow easy moving along of the bicycle, with a smooth drag and easy moving at the time of race.


The spokes on the wheels are also designed especially for this purpose. The more spokes there are on the wheels the more safety they ensure, and the wheelsets are more durable. Their special designing, and other complications invloved in making these wheels have led them to be costly.


Whicever type of the wheelsets you take, you will find it useful. It depends on the purpose for buying the wheels. The clincher wheels are bought by normal people, whereas the tubular ones are bought be racers, and those who are racers on a very large scale go for the aerodynamic wheelsets. A number of manufacturers are available, and checking out the road bike wheelset reviews will lead you to the best road bike wheelset manufacturer.

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