Single Speed Road Bike – Is it Worth?

From the past, and up till; now, different mode s of transportation is being used by people. These modes have been altered with the passage of time, as technology paves way to advancements. Bicycle is known to one of the common modes of transportation that has been used in the past, and is still in use today.

However, now many different types of bicycles are available, among which there is also the single speed road bike.

One of the major advantages of using these single speed bikes is the money. These bikes are available at cheaper rates as compares to the other cycles. Moreover they are also lighter. Since they are are out of many complication, as they do not have the gear system, such bicycles are known to be lighter than others.

Moreover, when a cycle has more features and more complications, it requires maintenance to a higher degree. There will be more things to worry about, putting the person in lots of worries and complications. The single speed road bike is known to be manufactures in such a simple way, that there is no requirement for extra maintenance. The simpler a thing is the lesser to worry about it.This is green single speed shiznit road bike under 500$

Chain efficiency and durability are other advantages of this category of cycles, and thus, when there are so many benefits, these in turn result in a higher lifetime period. When we take a look at the single speed road bike reviews 2012, one thing that will be common in the upcoming bikes of the new year will be their great life time, along with their higher efficiency, lighter weight, and increase in the ease of use.

However, there are also some disadvantage of the single speed bikes, including their low versatility, but many people just ignore this problem, as this is not something big, and to be considered. Its demand is high, and that is the reason why many cycle manufacturers are coming up with their new designs of the single speed bikes. The best single speed road bike 2012 is known to be the team CXR 29er which is the best design for the new generation.

Because of its many advantages, it is a good option for the growing population. And many people prefer it because of no complications in it.This is black single speed road bike under 730$

The popularity of the single speed road bike has gone through many ups and downs. Previously their popularity got decreased, but then cruiser became popular. It is the specific type of single speed road bike. Other type includes the bmx bikes, which are also the type of single speed road bike. All these have gained enough popularity, and are still demanded by people despite of the many bikes produced, using the latest technology.

People still use these bikes even on rough terrains because they are highly durable and so despite of their rough use, they can withstand it and stay for log, unlike the newly produced bikes that are not much durable, and put the user in many complications.

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