Why You Need Bike Trailer for Kids?

People have this misconception that you don’t have much time to exercise once you have children. However, that is not true, and a bike trailer for kids is exactly for that purpose. A bike trailer is a kind of pram that you can attach to your bike when you go out for cycling. It is safe and efficient and keeps your child warm and cozy.

Factors when deciding to buy a Bike Trailer:

Before you go out and your new bike trailer for your baby there are a few factors to consider such as:


Find your doctor and ask him if you baby is ready to wear a helmet. For any bike trailers, it is highly recommended that the child wears a helmet as a safety precaution.


You also need to be sure that your child is old enough to sit without support and bike trailers are not recommended for children under one-year-old. In case your child is not old enough to sit on his own, many bike trailers available have the option to convert into strollers so until your baby can sit on his own, you can choose that option. Also, weight, height, and age are critical factors to consider.


Bike trailers, unlike the word suggest, is not just for biking or cycling but now the term is used to cover any such baby carrier that could be used for some sports such as for hiking or skiing. So pick out a bike trailer that is perfect for the need of your child and your favorite outdoor sport.


Also look at the different accessories that come with the trailer which you would like to have for the comfort of your child and yourself.

Advantages of Bike Trailers:

  • Trailers are very safe to use, and if you are careful in cycling, chances of an accident are very less.
  • Although trailers may make handling and maneuvering of the cycle a bit difficult because of its size and width, it is still better than other options available such as attaching the seat.
  • ​Trailers also offer additional spaces for storing. So for instance, if you are going for a long bike ride or planning a family picnic, you can carry extra stuff and store it in the trailer. On average, a trailer can carry up to 40-50 pounds.
  • ​Trailers provide great shelter to wind, rain or sun, so your child is safely tucked away.
  • For couples who are fond of outdoor adventures and want to take kids out for a family outing, bike trailers are very useful.

Types of Trailers:

There are different types of trailers each having its own use and suitable for children of different age brackets. The two most common types of baby trailers are:

  • Standard trailer: similar to a car seat where a child can sit back and relax and can even take a nap.
  • Pedal trailers: These are not closed and are more suitable for slightly older kids who have the concept of a bike but cannot handle it on their own just now.

Considering reviews by parents and users, many prefer bike trailers as compared to seats because of being more safe and efficient. Make sure that you are buying from a reliable place and check all the accessories and the trailer itself since safety your child is the number one priority.

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