Does My Child Need to Wear a Helmet in the Bike Trailer?

After reading this headline, the first question that comes to our mind is that:

What Is a Bike Trailer?

To be specific, a bicycle trailer is a simple frame with wheels attached to it which is used to transport something from one place or another by a bike, be it cargo or human beings (children).

Now coming back to our question:

If you will search the net, there is mix response to our desired question with most of them saying YES. The underlying reason for this reaction is that the helmet will protect your child from injuries should in case the bike had an accident, and it will also help him, or she in developing the habit that he/she should always wear a helmet while riding a bike.

If you want the safety of your child, you must always buy a trailer that is designed, tested and manufactured to meet specific safety standards.

But, though they are safe, the next question that arises up after this is that, are these trailers really comfortable to ride after wearing a helmet?

The reason for putting up this question was because the trailer seems to be uncomfortable most of the times for our kids because the trailer is too small and wearing a helmet after sitting in it makes the back of the seat pushing the helmet making it a less ideal ride for your child.

To prevent this, one solution to it is just to fold a towel and put that folded towel behind his/her back where he/she sits; this will eventually set them forward preventing the push, and making the ride more comfortable.

Safety Measures

The trailer can be made much better for your child if you support your child’s head from both the sides by using padding so that the head could not bobble too much, particularly in the situation where the child dozes off, and you are not aware of it.

To be more accurate for a safe and comfortable ride for your child in a trailer, one should use a trailer with low mounted hitches. These bike trailers are more stable than the others, and we can see that most of them are now made that way only.

We also want that the trailer should be constructed in such a way that it must prevent a rollover situation. This situation is entirely dependent on how the rider rides the bike because he/she should ride it in such a way that no stone or obstacle must come in between the wheels of the trailer. Also, the roads that you travel on with your child must be smooth to have a vibration free, comfortable ride for your child.


Concluding this article, one can only say that trailers are the safest and most easy way to take your young child along with you, but this situation is right only as long as they are comfortable for them and may not injure them much if it meets up with an unavoidable situation.

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