Best InStep Bike Trailers – Reviews 2022

Cycling is healthy and a great activity to do. It’ll help you look and feel your best as you get fitter and healthier. It’s also a great way to see some impressive sights. However, having little kids has, in the past, made cycling impossible. Toddlers can’t cycle themselves, and having a seat on the back … Read more

3 Best Schwinn Bike Trailers – Our Review 2022

A true bike enthusiast rides his bike no matter the weather, time of day, or conditions. But what happens when this bike enthusiast has a family? What happens when the child is too small to ride his own bike? Enter, the Schwinn Bike Trailers. This wonderful invention allows you to enjoy your biking excursion while … Read more

WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer Review 2022

This is an excellent product to introduce your child to cycling. The WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer is a trailer that can attach itself to an adult bike, enabling your child to simply ride along. The trailer can attach itself to almost any adult size bike, as long as about three inches of metal are exposed … Read more

Burley Bee Bike Trailer Review

Being both a bike lover and a dad, I have always struggled to find a way to combine biking and fatherhood. Every time I needed some time to unwind and just go for a ride, I had to make sure someone was there to look after my three-year-old daughter, and, most days, dad’s guilt would … Read more

Toddler Bike Seat vs. Bike Trailer

I love to ride with my children on a cycling trip. It is a great opportunity to spend family time together, it still gives me a chance to exercise or commute, and it is often a very practical choice as opposed to hiring a babysitter. After a parent has come to this decision the next … Read more

Does My Child Need to Wear a Helmet in the Bike Trailer?

After reading this headline, the first question that comes to our mind is that: What Is a Bike Trailer? To be specific, a bicycle trailer is a simple frame with wheels attached to it which is used to transport something from one place or another by a bike, be it cargo or human beings (children). Now coming … Read more

Child Bike Carrier: What to Choose and How to Choose

Parents that loves bikes most times worry about how they can continue riding after they have given birth. Well, this depends on how long they ride, riding becomes a problem if you travel long distance. Childbirth will reduce the mileage because of the stress and strain associated with bringing up a baby. That said, You … Read more