WeeRide Pro-Pilot Bike Trailer Review 2019

Learning to ride a bicycle is very exciting for children. It’s an excellent way, develops good hand-eye coordination, sharpens senses, as well as conquer fears and exercise. The biggest challenge in learning to ride a bike is to develop a sense of balance.



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Falling down is a natural part of the process, though some kids tend to give up after falling a couple of times.

The Wee Ride Pro-Pilot is the best way to learn bike riding, and the falling-down part is eliminated and kids get to enjoy it even more. This product is almost a complete bike, the only difference is that it resembles a bike trailer attached to the seat post of a regular bike, and hence the Wee Ride has no front wheel.

The rear wheel is fully functional with the pedal and chain assembly and kids can actually help you pedal, or you can let them takeover for a while in order to allow them learn the motion of pushing the pedals.

But the Wee Ride Pro-Pilot isn’t just for kids as adults can enjoy it as well. You can attach the Wee Ride to your partner’s bike and go for a cruise along the beach, or you can even go for a ride in the mountains.

With the Wee Ride attached, you have twice the normal power; both you and your partner can put into pedaling.

Unlike the WeRide Co-Pilot, Wee Ride PRO-Pilot is made of solid yet lightweight aluminum with a 20” rear wheel, pedals, a covered chain assembly, adjustable handlebars, and a seat. It has a sturdy and patented swivel-hinge that you can quickly attach to the seat post of a regular bike, with excellent control and stability while riding.

Storage is often an issue with similar products; the Wee Ride Pro-Pilot is divided into sections that allow you to actually fold it when not in use. Wee Ride can be attached to the seat post of virtually any 27”/700c bike. It has a maximum weight capacity of 75 lbs. or 34 kg.

The manufacturers paid close attention to safety as well; the seat post and the pedals have good quality reflectors, plus a safety flag, which increases the bike’s visibility to a motorist.

This Wee Ride Pro-Pilot is perfect for your kids; teach them the joy of riding while taking them on a journey with yourself.


  • Comes with essential safety features.
  • Can be attached to almost any 27” or 26” mountain bike
  • Quick assembly and easy storage.


  • Currently available in only two colors.
  • The maximum weight capacity is not really suitable for adults.

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